2013 lecturer announced

Prof Patrick Parkinson

The 2013 Smith Lecture will be presented by Prof Patrick Parkinson, who will speak on the topic Child Sexual Abuse and the Churches: A story of moral failure?

2012 lecture: Eros, Intimacy and the mind of God

"As a doctor and a sexologist I am captivated by the exquisite complementarity of male and female reproductive systems and the hard wiring in the brain that draws the two together in desire, love and bonding"

– Dr Patricia Weerakoon

2012 Lecturer announced

Dr Patricia Weerakoon

The 2012 Smith Lecture will be presented by Dr Patricia Weerakoon. She will speak on the subject of Eros, Intimacy and the mind of God.

Words of power

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Dr John Lennox

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The rise and fall of Disbelief in the modern world
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