Smith Lecture library

Truth, beauty and goodness

Kate Harrison Brennan
26 Oct 2017
But does beauty still transcend?

The thin red line

Bruce Robinson
20 Oct 2016
For the teenagers of today there is a thin red line between fun and catastrophe

The secular juggernaut

Roy Williams
5 Nov 2015
Christianity is perceived by more Australians than ever as implausible, undesirable or irrelevant. Why is it so? Does it matter?

Child sexual abuse and the churches

Patrick Parkinson
21 Oct 2013
A story of moral failure?

Eros, intimacy and the mind of God

Patricia Weerakoon
6 Sep 2012
What does our sexuality tell us about God?

Words of power

John Harris
20 Oct 2011
Does the Bible still have a place in a just society?

Would we be better off without religion?

John Dickson
21 Sep 2011
Does religion lead to violence?

Balance in a busy culture

Tim Chester
22 Oct 2010
Is there any way out of today's frantic culture?

The future of truth

Edwin Judge
21 Oct 2010
The paradox of private faith and public reality

The global financial crisis

Ian Harper
3 Sep 2009
A crisis of credit and faith?