“Religion is being described these days as not just an opiate for the masses, but a poison for society … does Australia need to move beyond Christian thinking to be a mature society, or is Christianity in fact essential to our future?”

2016 lecture: The thin red line

For the teenagers of today there is a thin red line between fun and catastrophe

The secular juggernaut

Does it matter that Australians are abandoning Christianity?
Roy Williams

2015 lecture: the secular juggernaut

Christianity is perceived by more Australians than ever as implausible, undesirable or irrelevant. Why is it so? Does it matter?

Cosmic chemistry

Do science and God mix?
Prof John Lennox

2014 lecture: do science and God mix?

Prof John Lennox

It has become accepted wisdom that science and religion represent two incompatible ways of viewing the world.

But is that true?

Prof John Lennox will address this important question on August 25th. At this year's Smith Lecture we will join Prof Lennox for cocktails before hearing his lecture.

2014 Lecturer announced

This year's Smith Lecture will coincide with Prof John Lennox's visit to Sydney for Cosmic Chemistry.

Tears and hope - for survivors of abuse

On Monday, November 25, St John's Anglican Church in Darlinghurst will hold a special service for survivors of abuse.

Tears and Hope will be attended by Archbishop Glenn Davies. Previous participants have found the prayers and the words from the Archbishop to be helpful, at times bringing comfort and healing. It may be that the current Royal Commission has opened wounds for some, and this service aims to offer people a possible means of hope.

2013 lecturer announced

Prof Patrick Parkinson

The 2013 Smith Lecture will be presented by Prof Patrick Parkinson, who will speak on the topic Child Sexual Abuse and the Churches: A story of moral failure?